The ultimate freedom of expression is a human canvas that captures the visualization of the inner self.

Protects your expression

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Great shops, have great aftercare!


At Oshun Care we are constantly looking for partnerships to improve this beautiful industry in service & product. We select our partners with the same quality standard we use for making our product. We want customers to receive the best level of service and aftercare for their new tattoo. Lets join forces to make this happen.


Complete the registration form that will appear after clicking the button “join now”. After we have accepted your request, you will receive a notification email. Now that your account has been activated, you will be able to login and order as a reseller.

The ordering process is fast and efficient with orders being sent out within 24 hours.


Access to the best prices

Added to our store locator

Easy ordering through our platform

Fast delivery

Happy customers

Lets join forces and improve our industry!