The ultimate freedom of expression is a human canvas that captures the visualization of the inner self.

Protects your expression

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Oshun Care

Oshun Care is a luxurious dutch cosmetic brand with products designed especially for the tattooed skin. Although our products can be used by everybody at all times we are really focusing on the healing process and maintenance after the skin gets eternalized with the most beautiful and meaningful art.

The products are designed to suit every skin type and will make sure the skin heals the best way possible We are against animal testing and convinced nature offers the best ingredients for the human body.

How to use Oshun tattoo aftercare?

Wash your hands before use. Gently massage Oshun tattoo aftercare evenly into tattoo. Apply a small amount 5 times daily or whenever it’s dry.

How long to use Oshun tattoo aftercare?

Use Oshun tattoo aftercare for 2-4 weeks. Don’t pick and pull at the flaking/scabbing skin. Picking away at your healing tattoo can delay healing, cause fading, and increase the chances of infection.

How much Oshun after care should I use?

Apply Oshun tattoo aftercare 5 times a day or whenever it’s dry. Apply it sparingly and evenly over the whole tattoo. Please ensure you don’t use too much – you just want it to have a nice coat, but you don’t want to see the butter. It should be rubbed into the tattoo gently.